Welcome Half Bloods! Mostly Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series and The Heroes of Olympus Series. Some random stuff might find its way into this blog, but just go with it! Nat ~ 15 ~ USA ~ Daughter of Athena (art done by Viria and Burdge)

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German Percy Jackson covers

You hit the Lord of the Titans in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush.


The Son of Neptune




try and find each demigod’s thing(s)!



ok I don’t know how to say it guys but you really makr me superhappy!!!!!!!everytime you reblog my drawings I feel so glad that someone actually like them!!happyhappyhappy!!!!!!!!
and I feel stupid to say you this but yesterday night I was going to sleep but then I told myself “tubs!!!you have to do something in order to show your gratitude to those that are following you!!!!” and pufff!!I did this ^^ hugs
so I hope you like these Percy and Annabeth



Jason would totally have a bald eagle



Seriously craving fan art today, so I doodled some out of time siblings for my warmup :) I miss drawing pjo so bad.



new percy jackson covers + colour palettes {insp}



The sun is gonna save me

Put a little love into my lonely soul (x)

It’s sunny outside and it smells like summer when you open the windows so I was in the mood to draw something with warm sunny light :)


USA, UK and Spain Mark of Athena’s cover art. 

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